Lindsey Lohan’s Sex List?

Lohan's Hookup List

Lohan’s Hookup List

I couldn’t think of the exact words to call the image recently released that contained the names of Lindsey Lohan’s past hookups other than a sex list.

In Touch exclusively released Lohan’s famous hookups in their most recent publication saying Lohan and her friends compiled the list during their stay at the Beverley Hilton Hotel. While unfortunately some names were blurred out, from the one’s that did make the pic – I’m quite jealous.

Okay, I totally understand Adam Levine and Zac Efron but I’m sorry… FARRELL? I’d like to think that was during Lohan’s drug phase. Also, let’s not forget all of these listed men are not single, so unless these are way in the past lovers, Hollywood may be seeing their share of heartbreaks soon.

Assuming this list is real, Lohan has certainly been around the block quite a few times, but with these guys who can blame her? Now the real question is, who are the hidden names?

What do you think about Lohan’s list? Hot or not?

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